Justin Bieber adds massive torso tattoo to ink collection


Is it too late now to say sorry…about this tattoo?

It looks like Justin Bieber will soon run out of places to get ink.

That’s because the 23-year-old recently made a large addition to his ever-expanding tattoo collection.

On Saturday, the “Sorry” singer posted a bathroom selfie on Instagram showing off his new mid-section ink. He later posted a video giving a closer look at the large torso tattoo, which includes gargoyles, skeletons, archways, clouds, an angel, various birds, and an eagle as the centerpiece.

People.com previously reported Bieber had more than 60 unique tattoos all over his body.

Some of the 9.23 million Beliebers that follow him on Instagram weighed in on Bieber’s new skin art.

“Why? Please stop…I love you,” wrote one fan.

“So you’ll never see your abs anymore,” wrote another.

“I love it, don’t listen to any of them (other fans),” one commented.

While most Beliebers gave their two cents worth on the tattoo, others took time to comment on the photo itself.

“Dude, clean your bathroom,” one fan chimed.

“I didn’t notice that (tattoo). I was too busy looking at the shake packets. LOL,” another wrote.

If the Stratford, Ont. Native decides to get more ink, the only spots left on his upper body are his neck, hands and upper right arm.


Author: lifestyles

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