London police were on the scene at 423 Hamilton Road on Thursday, Oct. 26. Police first responded to a reported shooting Wednesday at 11:30 p.m.


A late-night gathering of friends at an east London apartment took a violent turn when one man pulled a handgun and shot another man in the mouth.

Seven young people — five men and two women — were hanging out in an upper-floor apartment at 423 Hamilton Rd. at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday when the shooting took place, several witnesses told The Free Press.

Friends identified the victim as Devyn Banks, 19, who was listed in critical condition in hospital Thursday.

Banks got into a heated argument with another man in a bedroom before he was shot with a .22-calibre handgun, said Jordan Melo, 20, who lives at the apartment with his mom.

“It was over something dumb — alcohol and words,” Melo said.

Banks’s pregnant girlfriend also was in the apartment at the time of the shooting, witnesses said.

The woman, who was at the hospital by her boyfriend’s side Thursday, said she wasn’t ready to speak to a reporter.

While waiting for paramedics to arrive, Banks was coherent, making light of the situation and even asking to smoke marijuana from a bong, witnesses said.

“Devon was making jokes. He was like, ‘Is my lip hit?’ ” Melo said of his injured friend.

“That kid ate the bullet. He’s lucky.”

Banks eventually went downstairs and met with paramedics, who took him to Victoria Hospital.

The shooter fled the scene before emergency responders arrived, witnesses said.

Police have obtained an arrest warrant for Adrian Henderson, 18, of no fixed address, on a charge of attempted murder.

Police have obtained an arrest warrant for Adrian Henderson, 18, of no fixed address, on a charge of attempted murder.

Henderson, who also goes by the name Reino Smith, was last seen in the area of Hamilton Road and Adelaide Street North, police said.

Investigators haven’t recovered the gun used in the shooting.

Henderson is described as a black man with a muscular build, about 20 years old and 5-foot-8 with a scar on his left cheek. He was wearing a red jacket, red pants with white stripes down the legs and the AC Milan soccer club logo near the right front pocket and red shoes.

Police are cautioning the public not to approach Henderson.

Police arrested one man at the scene — not the shooter — but later released him without charges.

Melo said he was arrested, adding police seized marijuana, a digital scale, a bong and a bottle of alcohol from his apartment.

The witnesses who spoke to The Free Press all said they didn’t provide statements to police.

A police spokesperson wouldn’t confirm further details about the shooting, citing the ongoing investigation.

The building where the shooting happened, just east of Rectory Street, has a barber shop in the front and three apartments in

the back.

Police taped off an alley leading to the entrances of the apartments Thursday morning.

Forensic investigators could be seen coming and going from Melo’s apartment for several hours. One detective placed a blood-soaked towel that was on the ground into an evidence bag.

This is the fifth incident of gunfire in London this year, though nobody was injured in the previous four cases.


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