Western University opens up observatory for moon study


If your Hallowe’en plans including baying at the moon, Western University is offering a close-up preview.

Space buffs will get a chance to use Western’s 10-inch telescope at the Cronyn Observatory and learn about the process of uncovering mysterious lunar crash sites from Professor Phil Stooke, who specializes in planetary mapping and space exploration.

Hands-on activities will include spooky moon puzzles, model rockets, edible rocks and a trip to the moon.

It’s all part of International Observe the Moon Night, an annual event — led by space agencies such as NASA and astronomy buffs. It is dedicated to encouraging observation, appreciation and understanding of the moon.

If you go

WHEN: Saturday, October 28, 5 – 9 p.m.

WHERE: Cronyn Memorial Observatory at Western University (free parking at Springett lot)

WHAT ELSE: CSI-Moon, public talk by Prof. Phil Stooke; moon mapping, by PhD candidate Zachary Morse; How to make a moon, by PhD candidate Patrick Hill; observation using Cronyn’s 10-inch main telescope as well as other telescopes; edible rock analysis, moon puzzles, trip to the moon and model rockets; arts and crafts for children; raffle draw

FOR MOREhttp://www.cpsx.uwo.ca/outreach/public_events/international_observe_the_moon_night


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