Symphonia scores silent horror


Just in time for the scary season, London Symphonia is, uh, dressed to kill.

London’s newest symphony orchestra will perform a pre-Halloween live show with original music accompanying the 1920’s horror film The Hands of Orlac at Centennial Hall Friday.

The orchestra will be joined by soloists Stacie Dunlop (soprano) and Gregory Oh (piano).

“Working with silent film was an incredible experience, undertaking the challenge of interpreting the film with sound and carrying the storyline over such a long arch,” said Scott Good, the symphony’s composer-in-residence in a press release.

“The pianist (Oh) will be performing on two pianos — a concert grand, and an upright prepared piano, which will be de-tuned and slightly mangled. They represent Orlac’s growing insanity, following the wonderful acting of Conrad Veidt on screen. (Dunlop) acts as a kind of emotional storyteller, in particular from the perspective of Yvonne (Orlac’s wife), using text from the Latin Mass.”

The Hands of Orlac is a film about a concert pianist who loses his hands in a railway accident, only to have a surgeon give him new hands from the body of a murderer. The hands don’t work, but the spirit of their original owner spooks the pianist, who begins having homicidal urges. Then, when he’s on the verge of financial ruin, the pianist finds his father murdered, the victim of a stabbing.

Organizers are inviting audience members to don their best horror dress for a (age 19-plus) costume party following the performance.


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