Brown: Vintage Fantastic Four still worth a read

Reader interest has dwindled so much, there currently is no regular Fantastic Four title, once the most popular of Marvel’s monthly offering.

So, if you want to experience the adventures of Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Girl, the Human Torch and the Thing, you have to reach back into the vault.

That’s why I’m working my way though the whole FF back catalogue, albeit slowly.

The most recent collection I finished is Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 2, which collects issues 21 through 40 from the mid-1960s.

Marvel’s First Family battles such villains as the Frightful Four, Namor and Dr. Doom, and this book contains the first appearance of such characters as Medusa, which also currently can be seen on network television’s Inhumans series.

The first thing that jumped out at me is, of course, the gorgeous art by Jack Kirby.

This still was early days for Marvel as a purveyor of superhero books, so you can see with each issue how the King grew more confident.

The look of the Thing, for instance, has just about reached its modern rocky form in this volume.

The other thing that struck me is just how mechanical the writing was.

As creative as Stan Lee was in this period, there’s a lot of repetition of villains and plots.

Even though these issues are considered classic, it’s clear comic standards of plotting have changed in the decades since.

Still, this is one of the ways I can get my FF fix for the time being.

Certainly, the latest big-screen adaptation isn’t an option, so bring on Vol. 3. Excelsior!


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